Meetings 2017 – 2018

CAGT meets at Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. or Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m., as scheduled. Guests are welcome to attend one general meeting to learn about the Guild. For more information, please contact us at

October 12, 2017: Butterfly Nibs and Alternate Tools with Mark Lurz

7:00 pm: Meeting starts

Board members will greet you already at 6:30, if you want to browse the library.
Ursula will look after your thirst with a punch, the rest of us bring snacks.

This is our AGM. The present board members agreed to stand for another term.
If you like to help us, we would love to have your support.

Fresh from Switzerland:

Pelikan 4001 inks: $8
Walnut ink: $4
Schmincke Rich Gold bronze powder: $20

Mark will show you how to work with this gold.
Then we explore the Ruling (Drafting) pen and the Butterfly nib.

You bring:
Practising papers, some with a good “tooth” – texture.
Any ink
Water jar
Fine brush
Mixing brushes
Palette or mixing dish
Some paper towels
Scissors and an old pencil
Should you own a ruling pen or butterfly nib, please bring it in.

We’ll attempt to make our own butterfly nib.

November 9, 2017: Fun with Gold

6:30 pm: Library is open
7:00 pm: Meeting begins with updates and info on what’s new.

Viktor Palys shows the laying of gold leaf as used in his traditional Ikon paintings.
Mark will cover the contemporary approach to different gold and silver applications.
Small pieces of gold leaf and black paper will be available.

If on hand, you will bring:

1. Glassine paper
2. Sharp scissors
3. Fine brush
4. Soft larger brush for lifting gold leaf
5. Any gold size – underlying medium to raise gold
6. Oil pastels – gold leaf sticks to it
7. Any gold or silver pens, markers or brushes
8. Any gold from a tube, jar or shell
9. Hematite or any burnisher
10. Silk cloth
11. Straw – used as breathing tube
12. Black or dark coloured heavy paper
13. Palette and water jar

January 14, 2018: Communication from Caves to Screens

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Calligraphy Kit

Bring your kit to meetings or classes so you have your learning tools on hand!  Contents  can include sketchbook and/or notebook and pencil/lead holder, silent pencil sharpener, ruler, bone folder, scissors, tracing paper, cutting mat and knife, glue stick, markers, pen holder/nibs, ink and tools or materials of your preference.